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Best Practices For Contentment

They all love what they do...primarily because it's fun...many others in the same occupations don't enjoy what they do...
it is not WHAT they do that counts, but HOW they do it.
-Mihaly Csikszetmihalyi, Flow (2008)

Consulting Services & Training

The Happy! Effective Lawyer, LLC offers a range of services geared to help lawyers reach peak performance and be content practitioners! Our faculty provides customized services, coaching, and programs designed for your specific needs. 

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Consulting Services & Training

Consulting Services
Decision Making, Negotiation & Mediation
Professional Contentment

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Continuing Legal Education & Programs

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We provide approved CLE credits and other educational programs on-site or in-house on a variety on topics.


The Art of Negotiation & Mediation: From the Store Front to the Major Leagues — Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Government Lawyers (Not Open to Public) — September 7, 2017

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