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Best Practices For Contentment

They all love what they do...primarily because it's fun...many others in the same occupations don't enjoy what they do...
it is not WHAT they do that counts, but HOW they do it.
-Mihaly Csikszetmihalyi, Flow (2008)


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Lawyers deserve to lead an integrated life 24/7 and to find contentment in their daily tasks. We believe there is a false duality between work as drudgery contrasted with time away from work as “living”. Work can be structured to be engaging and performed with excellence all while maximizing your personal contentment. Being an effective lawyer requires core competencies, soft skills, and habits. These best practices can be learned through our Happy Effective Lawyer Practices (HELP). Our online course teaches eight core competencies that scientific research has proven enhances both performance and contentment. The HELP program is taken in combination with the wealth of information available on our website. Sign-up for the course through the HELP portal found below.

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