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Best Practices For Contentment

They all love what they do...primarily because it's fun...many others in the same occupations don't enjoy what they do...
it is not WHAT they do that counts, but HOW they do it.
-Mihaly Csikszetmihalyi, Flow (2008)


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Lawyers deserve to lead an integrated life 24/7 and to find contentment in their daily tasks. The HAPPY Lawyers at Work approach rejects the concept of mainly focusing on achieving a work-life balance. We believe that this is a false duality between work as drudgery contrasted with time away from work as “living”. Whether you work 20 hours or 80 hours each week, not all of these hours are going to be performed with passion. Work, however, can be structured to be engaging while maximizing individual core competencies. We offer a Competency & Contentment Program, Happy Effective Lawyer Practices (HELP), to have lawyers and legal professionals practicing on a daily basis with confidence, contentment, and effectiveness. You can take affirmative steps to enhance your engagement, productivity, competency, and happiness. Best practices and soft skills can be creatively crafted to meet the individual expectations for success while providing effective representation for clients.

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